Type Resource Date
PDF Sentencing and Dispositions of Youth DUI and Other Alcohol Offenses
This manual was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) with the assistance of an interdisciplinary working group of judges, prosecutors, researchers, alcohol and other drug abuse counselors, probation officers, and law enforcement officers. The conclusions and recommendations in this Guide are based on the findings of more than two decades of research on interventions in impaired driving and their effectiveness.
PDF GASPS Compendium of Strategies
This document provides a list of evidence-based strategies that have shown effectiveness or promise in addressing underage, heavy, and/or binge drinking.
PDF Juvenile Diversion Guidebook
This guidebook goes over the 16 steps for creating a juvenile diversion program.
PDF APP Strategy Implementation Report 2015-2016 PDF (8/22/2016)
This is a PDF version of the Intervention Strategy Implementation Report Form online survey. The Intervention Strategy Implementation Report Form can ONLY be submitted online using the unique REDCap survey link sent to each APP Project Coordinator via email. This PDF version of the form contains all possible questions to be completed – however, the online survey is programmed to direct you to view only the questions that you need to answer based on your previous responses. Therefore, you may not need to complete all of the questions that appear in the PDF version of the form.
PDF Defining Community Guidance Document (Draft)
Defining communities for the purpose of implementing community-based interventions and measuring outcomes has long posed challenges for state and local entities. Community has been defined in a multitude of ways including: community as target, community as agent, and community as resource community as setting
Excel Deliverable Timeline Appendix A
APP Admin Document
PDF RPS Contact List
GA-ASAPP RPS Contact list (as off 5.7.2017
Word SEOW Standing Charter
Standing Charter for the Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, 2016.
PDF Training and Technical Assistance System - GA ASAPP
Training and Technical Assistance System Overview for Georgia Prevention System Administered by Prospectus Group