Please explain what types of questions should be entered into ECCO for technical assistance versus what types of questions should be directed towards the Regional Prevention Specialist (RPS)?

The questions entered in ECCO should be questions concerning the strategies, process, implementation of the project. Any programmatic, invoice related or budget questions should be directed to your RPS.

Will future regional meetings have the option for web capability if a Provider is unable to attend in-person?

We can accommodate with a conference line. However, providers are welcome to use their own technology to web conference with staff at their agencies who are unable to attend the meeting.

Does attending the SAPST training in Macon count as the required conference within the contract for FY2017?

Yes, this training will for the FY17 contract year.

If a Provider cannot spend all of his/her funds for FY2017, can they be carried over into next year? If not, what are some suggestions for spending down the available funds?

No funds cannot be carried over to another contract year. Please speak individually with your RPS concerning funding.

Can you explain what the Providers are required to implement for Red Ribbon Week? Also, what can the funds for Red Ribbon Week be spent on, besides just ribbons? Do you have examples of activities that are little or no-cost to implement?

Can Providers pay for trainings out of funds from FY2017 for trainings that occur during FY2018?

Can you provide some guidance and/or examples of how to incorporate tobacco cessation and suicide awareness into ASAPP?

What is the approval process with Communications if a Provider is re-using messaging from APP?

Will there be an area on the ECCO website where Providers can communicate with each other about their work, strategies, messaging/creative materials, etc.?

For ASAPP, do Providers still need approval before purchasing anything that costs more than $500?